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Whether you want to upgrade your conservatory roof or are having problems with leaks, then replacing your roof is the most cost effective way. At Select Windows we have a variety of options to give your conservatory a new lease of life. 
Take a look at our gallery of transformations below: 


If you are looking to revamp your conservatory with the feel of an extra room in your home then a Solid Roof is perfect for you. 
The Solid Roof also gives you more privacy as well as being an excellent way to retain heat within the room.  


The Polycarbonate Roof is a cost effective way to update your conservatory.
The lightweight thermoplastic is extremely thermally efficient and means that it acts as a great barrier from over-looking windows. 


A Tiled Roof can be a great way to keep a continous style to your home by matching your tile design to the rest of the property. 
As a great way to save money on your energy bills, the Tiled Roof retaining it’s heat within the room. 


The Glass Roof is the most favourable option if you want to maximise light in the room. 
Often the most common among conservatory designs in the UK, the Glass Roof provides the best views of your garden all year round whilst remaining energy efficient. 

should i be replacing my conservatory roof?

If you are experiencing problems with leaks, condensation or mould then it is within your best interest to replace your conservatory roof – without the cost of a complete new conservatory. 
By replacing your roof for a more energy efficient one you will save money on your energy bills as well as enjoying a warm room throughout the year. 
It’s also a great way to update your conservatory if you feel it’s becoming a little dated or if you simply want to upgrade to a different design. 

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We supply both small and large volumes of advanced easy-to-install PVCu windows and doors using innovative profile systems

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