(i) The Company’s product guarantee comes into effect immediately upon completion provided the full payment of the price has been made. The guarantee shall not take effect unless the full price paid on the due date. N.B. guarantees are not transferable.

(ii) The UPVC content of an installation is guaranteed for 10 years. Double/triple glazed sealed units are guaranteed for 10 years, base work and brick work are guaranteed for 5 years.
All hardware and electrical appliances/fittings, heating plumbing and air conditioning are guaranteed for 1 year.

(iii) When installing a new conservatory to the Customer’s existing base, there will be no Warranty given to the existing base whatsoever.

(iv) No guarantee or warranty is given by the Company concerning the incidence, prevention or elimination or increase of condensation.

(v) The Company will not accept liability for any minor imperfections in glass which are inherent in the handling or manufacturing process of glass. The company will abide by the rules of the GGF.

(vi) Window Boards (cills) will not be supplied or replaced unless specified on the face of the Contract.

(vii) The Company’s guarantee does not cover any aesthetic wear on gold/brass or metal coated furniture.

(viii) Only Duraboard (fibre type) board or similar will be used

(ix) Claims for surface damage, blemishes etc., must be made in writing within 7 days of installation, or delivery on Supply only contract.

(x) All drainage to underground systems are not guaranteed (conservatories, porches etc).

(xi) All water ingress due to condition of existing structures are not covered under guarantee.