For most of us, the Easter bank holiday is a welcome four days off work and sees the perfect opportunity for us to put some well needed care and attention into our homes. After a long winter and period of bad weather (which we haven’t seen the last of), our homes and gardens could use a little TLC. So here’s the top 5 ways you can use your time off productively:


  1. Spring Clean

A bank holiday weekend is the ideal time to get that list of jobs done that you have been putting off. It’s amazing how much better your home can look after giving it a clean from top to bottom. From cleaning out the fridge to hoovering behind the sofa, now is the perfect time to tackle the chores.


  1. Add some Spring colour

Easter is the perfect time to add some colour to your home. Now that Spring is here and the days are longer, you have more time to paint those walls before it gets dark. So whether it’s your children’s bedroom or the dull living room – now is the time to splash a bit of colour onto the walls.

  1. Add an Orangery

With the weather getting better it’s time to start planning for the summer. Adding an Orangery to your home can create the perfect space to connect you to your garden and bring some extra light into the home. Why not give us a call and arrange someone to come and give you a free quote?

  1. Clean the gutters and windows

After all the snow and stormy weather your gutters and windows are bound to have taken a hit. But with a four day weekend you have no excuses not to tackle them. You will be surprised at how much difference it makes to the outside of your property.

  1. Get out into the garden

Why not spend your weekend in the outdoors bringing a new lease of life to your garden? Planting flowers or weeding your garden now can make things a lot easier for you later on in the year and will mean you’ll have a much prettier place for all those summer BBQs!